Bio-solutions, Inc. was founded in November 2005, but has lineage with their competency dating back over two decades. We offer our customers products and intelligent system solutions that bring new applications to agricultural and environmental markets. Long term success and responsibility for the environment and society go hand in hand for us. Our research and development activities aim to develop, sell and deliver cost-effective, innovative and environmentally-sound goods that bring new applications to customers in making critical land management decisions.

The company offers customers a unique solution to land management challenges through a complete package which includes surveying, analysis, and consultancy, apart from providing agricultural and environmental products, allowing decision-makers to immediately act upon critical information. Our business processes are oriented towards adding long-term value and competitiveness. In partnership with our customers, we help them be more successful. To accomplish this, we jointly discover business opportunities and develop agricultural and environmental products, procedures and services that are on a high scientific and technical level.

Through continuous research and development, coupled by intense technical support from environmental and bio-technology experts, we help customers tap into additional market opportunities. Our research activities in plant biotechnology focus on solutions for effective agriculture, healthier nutrition, and environmental protection.

Corporate Profile

Bio-solutions, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned and controlled corporation that is backed by the best bio-technicians and environmental experts who have a solid history of success in the field of ecological protection. The company is run and managed by young entrepreneurs who are affiliated with some of the biggest names in banking, information technology, chemicals, tourism and merchandising business. We form the best team in industry by fostering diverse personal and professional competencies.


"To become the leading source of a total environmental and agricultural solutions package using Philippine-made products and related services."


"To create greater opportunities in providing long-lasting environmental and agricultural solutions through the use of natural products and the related services we provide."
  Board of Directors
Susana Tan
Nicole Rodriguez
Corporate Secretary
Natasha Rodriguez

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