Dove Foundation

One of the extension works done was a presentation with the Dove Foundation. The foundation is involved with providing livelihood to the victims of Mount Pinatubo eruption. Sample seedlings were given out to the communities for planting in their resettlement area.

Palawan Foundation
Vetiver seedlings were provided at cost to the Bagong Pag-Asa Foundation for use in their sloping agricultural land technology farming.

Vetiver Network Philippines
One of the most important extension works done was the author’s linkage with the Vetiver Network Philippines (VETINETPHIL). The author was invited to join the network to share her experience and methodology in the propagation of vetiver seedlings. A propagation guide was included in the different publications of the network. The author was also appointed as the coordinator for Luzon of the network. The author made a presentation in the First Vetiver Workshop held in Ormoc, Leyte.

Vetiver Farms, Inc. believes that environmental education should be done at all levels in school. In line with this, the company did extension work with academic institutions and students.

Ateneo De Manila Unversity
In the second quarter of 1998, Vetiver Farms, Inc. initiated talks with Ateneo de Manila University regarding research work to be done on vetiver by students and faculty. Vetiver Farms, Inc introduced the plant and its applications to the faculty of the department. These talks resulted in Vetiver Farms, Inc. donating vetiver slips to be planted around the newly constructed science education complex which has slopes surrounding the whole building.

The Science Education Center, Ateneo de Manila University
The slopes around the SEC building were protected by vetiver hedgerows. Vetiver blended well with the carabao grass and the building’s landscape. Several students initiated mini-projects studying the biology of vetiver.

Student Projects
Some of the student projects included:

  • Effects of Vetivera zinaniodes leaf extracts on the red blood cell count of Mus musculus.
  • Assessment of anti-inflammatory activity of Vetivera zizaniodes extracts on the paw of Sprague-Dawley rats.
  • Effects of Vetivera zizaniodes extract on the pain threshold and thermal tolerance of Mus Musculus.
  • Comparative effects of Vetivera zizaniodes extract, adrenalin and nitro-glycerine on the diameter of rabbit ear meta-arterioles.
  • Insect populations leaving near and around Vetivera zizaniodes hedges.
  • Some graduate students, also, did a thesis on the morpho-anatomy of vetiver (histoligical studies on the root anatomy of Vetivera zizaniodes).

Live and Learn Study Center
The Prep 1 class of the Live and Learn Study Center was brought to the nursery on a field trip. The students were shown the different stages of the growth of vetiver in the nursery. They were taught the importance of vetiver grass to our environment. The students took part in the propagation of the grass with VetFarms farmers.







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