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Uses of the different parts:

A. Culm/Leaf

  • trapping crop residues and silts eroded by runoff
  • roof thatching
  • as raw material for making paper
  • making ropes, mats, hats, baskets etc.
  • as animal fodder for sheep, cattle etc.
  • mulching, covering the ground of animal stables
  • as planting material for mushroom culture and for making compost others
B. Roots
  • absorbing water and maintaining soil moisture
  • absorbing minerals and nutrients/decomposing as organic matters, thus making the soil friable
  • absorbing toxic substances in chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • improving the physical elements of the soil
  • making screens, blinds, fans, handbags
  • making herbs and skin care substances
  • extracting volatile oils for making perfume and aromatic ingredients in soaps
  • as insect and rodent repellents






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